Why Allen V. Farrow Needs To Include Moses Farrow’s Story

Allen V. Farrow episode 1 mentions Moses Farrow, but it seems unlikely that his perspective will be explored further. This is due partially to Moses having declined requests to participate [via The Atlantic]. In order for the HBO documentary series to appear objective, however, it needs to include every voice in the long history of this scandal. Moses alleged that Mia actually coached young, unknowing Dylan into accusing her father of abuse, and he believes that though his mother seemingly combats and confronts Hollywood-protected injustice, she has “her own darkness,” and acknowledges what he believes to be a history of child molestation within her family.

Moses has also challenged the details of Dylan’s accusations: She’s been quoted as recounting a heinous incident in the attic of the family’s Connecticut home, where she says Allen assaulted her while she was playing with an electric toy train set. Yet, Moses claims that not only was there no train set in the attic but that the area was an “unfinished crawl space” with “exposed nails and floorboards,” and that such an event couldn’t have happened there. He wonders if Dylan was told to add such a specific detail to enhance the story’s seeming veracity. Although this doesn’t disprove the allegations of assault, it is a pertinent counterpoint that should be included in the docuseries.

It’s a phenomenal achievement that society has entered into an era of healing and correction — most notably with the likes of the #MeToo movement — where issues such as abuse and long-term effects on victims are openly discussed. Other TV documentary series have challenged the powerful celebrity elite who have been able to shield themselves from repercussions using their fame and wealth, such as Finding NeverlandSurviving R. Kelly, and more recently Framing Britney Spears. For Allen V. Farrow to be as effective as possible, it needs to appear objective and comprehensive — which requires including the perspective of Moses Farrow.

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