WandaVision Finale Image Teases Scarlet Witch, Vision, & The Twins Team-Up

The family team up teased in this WandaVision finale image is long overdue, and it marks the first time they’ve all been together in a few episodes. Vision went off on his own at the start of episode 6 and had yet to return to the family by the end of the last episode. Billy and Tommy were last seen at the end of episode 8 still in the clutches of Agatha Harkness, so them being reunited with their parents here is a good sign that Wanda sets them free.

For as enjoyable as WandaVision has been, the show has not had nearly as much action as many MCU fans would’ve expected. This image should be a good reminder that the finale will be filled with spectacle. The family working together puts two magic users, a speedster, and a synthezoid fighting side-by-side. Since it is likely Agatha or White Vision (or both) is standing across from them, the family’s full powers will be needed to save Westview. Plus, Monica Rambeau has superpowers now and fake Pietro is still around, so there will be no shortage of superpowers in the mix as WandaVision‘s story ends.

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