Wheel Of Time Teaser Gives First Look At Rosamund Pike As Moiraine Damodred

A brief teaser for Amazon’s upcoming series The Wheel of Time provides a first look at Rosamund Pike’s Moiraine Damodred. This fleeting glance at Pike’s Moiraine comes a month after Wheel of Time released the first footage from the series. Amazon’s series is based on Robert Jordan’s high-fantasy novels of the same name. His massive series includes fourteen volumes, as well as a prequel novel and two companion books, which takes place in a detailed fantasy world and includes a well-developed magic system referred to as “channeling.”

Though the Wheel of Time series chronicles a large cast of characters, the main storyline revolves around a channeler named Moiraine Damodred (Rosamund Pike), the leader of a group known as the Aes Sedai. This covert organization essentially acts as the world’s scientists, healers, and philosophers and defends mankind from danger. Rafe Judkins (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) adapted the popular series of fantasy novels and will also act as showrunner for the series co-produced by Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures.

Now, Amazon is providing a first look at Rosamund Pike as Moiraine Damodred in their upcoming Wheel of Time series. In an incredibly brief 5-second sneak peek, the first few seconds of which are completely black, Moiraine speaks only a few words, “Do not underestimate the women in this tower.” She appears about halfway through the clip as her face fills the frame, her eyes shut and the wind blowing through her hair. Right before the clip transitions to a white void, Moiraine’s eyes suddenly open wide and peer directly into the camera. Check out the first look at Pike as Moraine below:

Other than Pike as Moiraine, Amazon’s Wheel of Time series will star Madeleine Madden, Marcus Rutherford, Barney Harris, Zoe Robins, and Joshua Stradowski as series regulars. The British actress is fresh off her Golden Globe-winning performance in the Netflix film I Care a Lot as the corrupt and merciless legal guardian who swindles her elderly wards out of their possessions and life savings. Though, many likely remember Pike for her performance as the delightfully twisted Amy Dunne from Gone Girl.

Pike has made a name for herself with multiple roles as confident, courageous, and powerful female characters, and Moiraine Damodred seems to be no different. Though, this will be the first time Pike will portray the lead character in a best-selling global property such as the Wheel of Time series. This new clip released by Amazon teases the type of power Pike will possess as the show’s main heroine. While Amazon has not yet confirmed an exact release date, The Wheel of Time is currently scheduled to premiere in April 2021.

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