WandaVision’s Quicksilver Almost Had A Different Name

The “Ralph Bohner” scene received mixed reactions from fans. With so many theories tossed around about who Peters’ character really was and how he could be Pietro in both the MCU and Fox’s X-Men or just a new Pietro from the multiverse, some fans were left disappointed after going down rabbit holes only to get a childish gag. After all, Phase 4 will clearly involve the multiverse in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which will see the return of Scarlet Witch. However, others felt that the Bohner bit was a funny joke and a good twist for the show’s story.

While there was plenty of speculation about how Peters’ Quicksilver fit into the MCU since his first appearance, the Bohner joke was pretty unexpected and funny. It’s understandable that fans would be disappointed that his real identity was nothing more than just an average Westview resident with a goofy name, yet it still fit into the weirdness of WandaVision. Fans might get to see more of Ralph Bohner in the future, but with Peters recently being cast as Kraven the Hunter, the return of Quicksilver seems unlikely.

Source: Collider

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