WandaVision’s Post-Credits Scenes Set Up 3 New MCU Movies & Shows

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for WandaVision episode 9, “The Series Finale.”

The events of WandaVision episode 9, “The Series Finale, end with two big post-credits scenes, each setting up the MCU futures of key characters Scarlet Witch and Monica Rambeau, while incorporating wider franchise elements such as the Skrulls and Nick Fury. WandaVision season 1 (which will almost certainly be the only season of the show now) gradually built to its big showdown, with Agatha Harkness squaring off against the Scarlet Witch, while Vision faced-off with White Vision and S.W.O.R.D. attempted to break into the Hex and stop Wanda once and for all.

The climactic battles and reveals all led to an emotional and satisfying ending for WandaVision: Agatha Harkness was defeated, with Scarlet Witch borrowing a trick from her to strip away her power and trap her in Westview forevermore. S.W.O.R.D. director Tyler Hayward was also arrested, with big assists from Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis, while White Vision flew off, presumably to return again in a future MCU movie or TV show.

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The finale of WandaVision turned Westview back to normal and meant that, somewhat inevitably, Wanda had to say goodbye to Vision and the twins. But while there were no huge cameos or shocking twists that some viewers may have expected, it did wrap-up its storyline while ensuring there was plenty of groundwork laid for its future, especially in the post-credits scenes, which tie into everything from Secret Invasion and Captain Marvel 2 to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Firstly, WandaVision‘s mid-credits scene repeats a trick from the Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credits scenes, with the reveal of yet another Skrull agent on Earth (this one played by Lori Livingston). Revealing herself to Monica Rambeau in the Westview cinema, the Skrull claims that she was sent by an “old friend” of Maria Rambeau’s, who had heard Monica had been grounded and wants to meet with her. When Monica asks “where?’ the Skrull points upwards, which means that all the signs point to Nick Fury, continuing on from that tease in Far From Home. Fury met and worked with Maria in Captain Marvel, and so it makes sense that they’d have kept in touch, especially after she set up S.W.O.R.D., and that Fury would be keeping tabs on things (though it raises the question of why he didn’t interfere, but that does fit with his style).

When Spider-Man: Far From Home released, the assumption was that Fury had setup (or joined) the MCU’s S.W.O.R.D. and was overseeing their operations in space, which was supported by the organization then being introduced in WandaVision. The more villainous intentions of Director Hayward seemed to shift that, but since his Project Cataract was his own agenda, then it’s still plausible Fury is working for S.W.O.R.D. as well. But whether it’s them or his own new agency, Fury is clearly working very closely with the Skrulls to help guard from extraterrestrial threats – something he has long been preoccupied with – while also helping to infiltrate various governments and official organizations back on Earth, giving him the level of power, influence, and oversight that he likes to have.

It’s been confirmed that Secret Invasion will be happening in the MCU thanks to its own Disney+ show – a storyline that follows the long infiltration of Earth by Skrulls – and this continues the build to that. The Skrulls introduced in Captain Marvel were the good guys, but this will follow a rogue group working on Earth – so seemingly, Fury is the counterintelligence working to prevent their goals of Earthly dominance, alongside the good Skrulls such as Talos, who was pretending to be Fury in Far From Home. With Monica’s experience as a S.W.O.R.D. operative, someone who Fury knows he can definitely trust, and her newfound superpowers, then clearly she’d be a great asset to work alongside him during the events of Secret Invasion.

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Similarly, it’s also been confirmed that Monica will appear in Captain Marvel 2. Given the first movie is what introduced the Skrulls to the MCU in the first place, then it makes sense that it would all be connected. Monica’s appearance in Secret Invasion can go on to lead into her meeting up with Carol Danvers once again in Captain Marvel 2, since Fury and Danvers also have a long working relationship as well, and the storyline of the Skrulls could link with whatever Carol has been doing in space since the events of Captain Marvel. With the WandaVision episode 9 mid-credits scene, the dots connect nicely for Monica’s MCU future and for her becoming a true superhero who works alongside Fury and Captain Marvel to protect the world (and beyond).

While previous episodes have had just one stinger, WandaVision‘s finale has two post-credits scenes, and the second is even bigger. Following on from her saying goodbye to Vision, Billy, Tommy, and Westview as a whole, it finds Wanda living very peacefully and remotely in a house on a lakeshore, surrounded by vast mountains. It’s a world away from Westview and, seemingly, anyone and anywhere else, as Wanda looks to recover from what happened. But just like WandaVision‘s early episodes introduced a fantasy world that gave way to a much more troubling truth, so too is there something stranger and darker lurking behind Wanda’s new home.

Once again, Wanda is behind things, now projecting a different version of herself while the real one – still in the new and true Scarlet Witch costume she gets in the finale – is not only reading the Darkhold – the book of magic that she took from Agatha – but is very much in the throes of it and her magic. As Agatha hints at, the Darkhold is an incredibly powerful artifact in its own right – also known as the Book of the Damned, it is full of dark magic spells. Its power can corrupt the reader, and even lead to tears in the fabric of reality itself. Since the book contains information on the Scarlet Witch, then it’s likely Wanda is wanting to find out exactly who and what she is, and clearly she has already learned some new skills from it, such as the ability to separate herself into two beings.

Even more curious – and sinister – is that Wanda hears the twins, Billy and Tommy, calling out to her for help while she’s reading the Darkhold, which begs big questions over how Wanda is hearing them. One possibility is that, as what happened with Wanda creating Westview, her grief is impacting her so much that the fabric of reality is starting to breakdown around her, especially because she’s now reading something so dangerous and powerful that she doesn’t have a full understanding of. The twins’ voices could also suggest they have been resurrected or taken to some other dimension – since, again, the Darkhold can damage reality.

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One villain who has been teased previously is Nightmare, who was not only rumored for WandaVision but Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and him having the twins in the Dream Dimension would fit as setup for Doctor Strange 2, as well as a plausible reason for Wanda to be hearing their voices now. There have even been a few teases of “nightmares” in WandaVision, including one in “The Series Finale,” so this is possible. But perhaps more likely still is that this points to Chthon, an Elder God from Marvel Comics. There, Chthon is the originator of not only the Darkhold, but also the source of Chaos Magic – the same power that Scarlet Witch has been revealed to have. In the comics, it was Chthon who imbued Scarlet Witch with her Chaos Magic, designed as a means to one day re-enter the world again when her powers were fully unleashed. And, likewise, the Darkhold was intended to give him a foothold in the reality, so that he could potentially return.

All of that fits with what WandaVision has done, and certain what its post-credits scenes show. Marvel has explained that Scarlet Witch has Chaos Magic, but not how she has it, and so revealing Chthon (or an amalgamation of Elder Gods, at least) as the being behind it would make sense given the setup. This would then lead nicely into Doctor Strange 2, which Wanda is confirmed to appear in. Given that is bringing the “Multiverse of Madness,” then there needs to be a major, powerful cause for that, and one that necessitates Wanda and Strange coming together. The more Wanda uses the Darkhold and her Chaos Magic, then the easier it will be for Chthon to break through, because the walls of reality become much thinner. And as Chthon can re-write reality on a scale even larger than Wanda, it’s not beyond him to have found a way of bringing the twins back – or at least, creating the voices – in order to torment Scarlet Witch in order to push her into breaking down those walls and letting him come through.

Given Doctor Strange is on his way to becoming Sorcerer Supreme in the MCU (a title given a shout-out in the WandaVision finale), and is a Master of the Mystic Arts, then this would all fall right into his wheelhouse as something he would have to try and fix. Thus Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness can see Wanda unleashing Chthon and opening up a tear in the multiverse, and Wanda and Strange working to then stop it. The Darkhold is also the source of things like vampires in Marvel too, and so as those cracks appear, more could come streaming through. It’s been theorized previously that Doctor Strange 2 could introduce vampires to the MCU ahead of Blade, and this might be how they do it.

For the twins themselves, then there are ways they can return. It may be that Chthon does return them to reality in an attempt to strike a deal with Scarlet Witch, or that there’s another way they’re resurrected. Since Marvel is seemingly building to the Young Avengers, and Billy and Tommy – as Wiccan and Speed – are a key part of that, then it would be a big surprise if versions of them weren’t among the MCU’s Young Avengers team. By having Wanda hear their voices in WandaVision‘s post-credits scene, then it lays the groundwork that they can still survive even without the Hex (it’s worth noting that, unlike with Vision, WandaVision doesn’t show what happens to them). Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could see them properly restored, further setting up the Young Avengers and MCU’s future.

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