Bake Off’s Jamie Finn says stars steal souvenirs – including kitchen appliances

Former Great British Bake Off star Jamie Finn claims that contestants often leave the famous tent with much more than just their memories.

Jamie, who was 20 when he took part in the 2019 series of the Channel 4 show, says people often nick aprons and baking utensils when they’re sent home by judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

And he claims that some people in his series even managed to make off with electrical appliances.

Now, he’s encouraging the famous faces starring in this year’s Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer to do the same.

He exclusively told the Mirror: “They should make sure they sneak one of the famous aprons under their top when they leave, and maybe a baking utensil and a bowl or two… it may or may not be Bake Off tradition to leave with a sneaky stash from the big white tent!

Jamie says it's a Bake Off tradition to nick something from the tent
Jamie says it’s a Bake Off tradition to nick something from the tent

“Some people from my series even took electrical appliances!

“I hope the new series of Celebrity Bake Off will inspire people to dust off their oven mitts and get baking ahead of the show. We don’t want anyone getting cake envy on Tuesday night now, do we?”

The celebrity series kicks off on March 9 and features what is being called the greatest line up ever.

Hollywood stars James McAvoy and Daisy Ridley, Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall, X Factor winner Alexandra Burke and comedian Rob Beckett are among the famous faces taking part.

Sharing his thoughts on the line up, Jamie said: “This year’s series has seen an incredible line up of famous faces don their aprons! The first batch of bakers to enter the floury ring are Tom Allen, Rob Beckett, Alexandra Burke and Daisy Ridley. I’m certainly a huge fan of the Celebrity Bake Off, probably because I enjoy watching people other than myself ask how they switch the oven on!

Daisy Ridley, Rob Beckett, Alexandra Burke and Tom Allen are the first round of celebs taking on the Stand Up To Cancer special
Daisy Ridley, Rob Beckett, Alexandra Burke and Tom Allen are the first round of celebs taking on the Stand Up To Cancer special

Jamie was on the show in 2019
Jamie was on the show in 2019

“Tom Allen, the Bake Off presenter with plenty to prove, is sure to impress us with some succulent sponges. Think about all the tips he must have acquired from patrolling the kitchen! Whether Tom tantalises our taste buds, or produces a miserable mess, he’s guaranteed to make us howl with laughter along the way, and in my opinion, definitely one to look out for!

“Rob Beckett is a fantastic addition to the line up, and with another top-tier comedian let loose in the tent one thing’s for sure, we won’t be keeping a straight face, and neither will the judges!

“Rob revealed that he studied food tech at school, however that won’t help much in the tent I’m afraid. The tent does strange things to your mind, and I’m worried Rob may crack quickly under the pressure. Having said that, we can’t rule Rob out, maybe he’s a king in the kitchen waiting to shock us with his talent and creative flair.”

He's shared his thoughts on this year's celebrity line up
He’s shared his thoughts on this year’s celebrity line up

He added: “Alexandra Burke can certainly hold a tune, but can she cook up a storm as well? She is used to performing under pressure, after singing on live television in front of millions, which will be a huge advantage in the tent. With Paul Hollywood arguably the Simon Cowell of the baking world, the question on everybody’s lips is can she impress Paul as much as she did Simon?

“Last, but definitely not least, is Star Wars superstar Daisy Ridley! We are more accustomed to seeing her in Hollywood films rather than covered in icing sugar, but will she be the star of this show?

“In my opinion, Daisy will definitely be the dark horse of the competition, and I think she may shock us all with some incredible delectable delights. I suppose if it all starts going pear-shaped, she could always use the Force to help her out as well!”

The Mirror has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

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