WandaVision Songwriters Reveal Their Agatha All Along Inspiration

Not only does this song fit the WandaVision motif of referencing iconic shows through the ages, it also emphasizes the gothic and spooky elements that make Agatha’s character unique. Whether viewers may not have initially recognized the various elements weaved into “Agatha All Along,” the “Addams Family” and “Monster Mash” influences are certainly detectable, even to listeners who aren’t musical experts. It’s lucky Marvel had these talented and thoughtful songwriters on hand, seeing as their song, coupled with Hahn’s charmingly perfidious performance, helped create one of the most satisfying reveals in the MCU thus far.

Now that WandaVision has referenced all the eras of sitcoms that it wanted to, there may not be a song from Lopez and Anderson-Lopez in the show’s finale. Regardless, there is no doubt a lot to look forward to in episode 9. Last week’s emotional episode ended with Agatha in her full getup as she restrained the twins with her powers. Thanks to a photo released by Disney+, viewers already know the twins eventually escape from her grasp but haven’t yet seen them battle Agatha alongside Wanda and Vision. The finale will likely also cover what was teased in the mid-credit scenes for episodes 7 and 8, which respectively revealed Monica meeting Fake Pietro and Hayward powering up what appears to be White Vision from the comics. Until the WandaVision finale airs, audiences will just have to keep themselves occupied by listening to “Agatha All Along.”

Source: NYT

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