WandaVision Showrunner Promises Every Episode Coming Is A Wild Ride

For those who have been frustrated by (or enjoyed) the pacing of WandaVision, the showrunner has a promise: there are exciting developments in each of the remaining episodes. The MCU show premiered its fourth episode on Disney+ Friday, which worked well to tie all of the previous episodes together from the standpoint of the series’ larger mystery. But the show has arguably lacked so far in superhero or action sequences, which could be what creator Jac Schaeffer is referencing.

While criticism of WandaVision hasn’t been particularly widespread, some have taken up issues with the series. One of the issues has been the pacing, which is not what Marvel fans may be accustomed to, although that can be expected with the series unfolding over nine episodic installments, instead of a blockbuster-length movie. Schaeffer addressed that criticism in an interview with Digital Spy and promised that the series would eventually resemble more of what Marvel fans are used to at this point.

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Comments she made in an interview with The Playlist further emphasize that idea. While addressing the impatience some fans may be feeling about the pace of the show, Schaeffer said, “every episode has something exciting from here on out. It’s a wild ride.” It can be argued that every episode has had something exciting to this point, but Schaeffer seems to be hinting at something bigger coming around the bend. The most recent episode released doesn’t make it obvious what Schaeffer is alluding to in her comments.

One possibility that has been brought up in the past based on a featurette for WandaVision is the arrival of Wonder Man, an integral character in Vision’s backstory. In her interview with The Playlist, Schaeffer didn’t give up the goods on whether or not Wonder Man would appear, as Marvel is reticent to ever give away spoilers for their content. Fans will just have to tune in next week to see where the narrative goes from the end of this week’s episode.

There’s still plenty of enjoyment to be found for those who haven’t become invested in the show’s pacing yet. Episode 4 brought plenty of Easter eggs to be investigated by hardcore MCU fans. There was also the stunning twist regarding Vision that occurred near the end of the episode. There are only five episodes of the show left. Whatever “wild ride” is in store for viewers of WandaVision is going to have to unfold very soon.

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