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Other Twitter users reported issues with European region apps on Playstation, which were solved by changing the language setting to English and then restarting the app. Some XBox app users also took to social media to report their own issues. These teething issues are not new, with fellow Disney+ show The Mandalorian suffering some similar issues previously. There is, thankfully, usually a workaround that means not having to miss out on the content for too long.

WandaVision is also worth the wait, though it may not be quite what MCU fans were expecting, at least to begin with. The first two episodes are consciously slower, only hinting at what’s really going on beneath the perfectly observed sitcom surface. There’s going to be a lot more pronounced emotion, even more of the Twilight Zone energy that’s buzzing around like the mysterious beekeeper’s bees and a lot more exposition revealed as the episodes come to Disney+. Let’s just hope that the issues that frustrated Playstation app users for the first two episodes don’t persist as more episodes of WandaVision are released.

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