Jason Donovan ‘very anxious’ as he has not seen any Dancing On Ice stars skate

Jason Donovan has revealed he has not seen any of his Dancing On Ice competitors skate yet, and he admitted it makes him “very anxious”.

The show launches on Sunday but due to coronavirus restrictions everything has been put back to the last minute and the contestants have not rehearsed or performed in front of each other.

Jason appeared on Good Morning Britain where he spoke to Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard about how the show has changed his life, including encouraging him to stop drinking.

Kate said: “The daunting thing is when you think you are doing alright, and then you see how someone else is doing.

“And I guess that will be the fun of it on Sunday won’t it, when you can get going?”

Jason replied: “I haven’t seen anyone Kate, not a single person, and I am actually very anxious about it because it’s like you are giving birth to that moment.

Jason Donovan on Good Morning Britain
Jason Donovan appeared on Good Morning Britain where he opened up on his nerves

“And now even with the studio audience, you sort of don’t know them, but when [your competitors] are actually in the audience which they will be on Sunday night, it’s even more daunting because they are assessing their own possibilities.”

He continued: “I haven’t had any bad falls yet touch wood, although I have managed to stop my glasses of red wine on a Sunday and relegate that until the end of the competition.

“I have skated a little bit in the past, but this is a different sphere. I decided to take this challenge on for structure, there is a big lack of theatre work and live work this year.

Jason Donovan appeared on Good Morning Britain where he opened up on his nerves
Jason said he has not seen any of his competitors skate

“And to keep fit, I have always felt mental health and physical fitness go hand in hand, so to express myself in an entertainment way and bring a bit of hope and fun and glamour to people’s Sunday nights.

“It’s going to be awesome and I can’t wait for Sunday night.”

Denise Van Outen also revealed everything has been left to the last minute for the launch show, and the stars have not even seen their costumes yet.

Jason Donovan with skating partner Alexandra Schauman

“Because of all the restrictions at the moment, I haven’t had a spray tan, I am looking forward to it!” she laughed.

“We haven’t even tried our costumes on yet for Sunday’s live show.

“None of us know what we are wearing, it’s different this year and we are rehearsing socially distanced,” she explained.

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