WandaVision: Paul Bettany Gives Funny Advice To First Time Dads

Bettany’s advice is amusingly ironic, considering Vision has done everything but listen to his partner on WandaVision. Viewers haven’t seen Wanda and Vision’s reunion after he tried to leave Westview, but it seems likely it won’t be a happy one. It’s interesting the one person Wanda appears to be doing all of this for is the one person, or Synthezoid, who is actively trying to figure out the mystery of Westview.

Vision certainly seemed more absorbed by his investigations in episode six, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” than watching Billy and Tommy. However, that doesn’t make him a bad dad. Vision is acting out of concern for the residents who have cried out for help when given the chance, from Norm (Asif Ali) in episode five, “On a Very Special Episode…,” to Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) in episode six. Vision may not remember he’s an Avenger during WandaVision, but he certainly is acting for the greater good over his own desires.

It’s possible Vision will choose to sacrifice himself and the chance to continue being a father by the time WandaVision ends. Hopefully, Vision will at least get a few more fatherly experiences before the series concludes. There’s not much time left on WandaVisionbut if there’s anyone who can get to the bottom of the Westview mystery, it’s dad and hero of the year, the Vision himself.

Source: Marvel.com

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