WandaVision Paper Dolls Come With Every Outfit Wanda Wears

WandaVision art creates paper doll versions of every single outfit Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) wears. The first Disney+ live-action show from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, WandaVision was a huge success, becoming the most in-demand series on the planet during its nine-week run. Part of its warm reception came down to the show’s format, which blended a drama about grief with a superhero battle. WandaVision layered a number of classic TV sitcom homages over it all, thanks to Wanda’s childhood obsession with American TV.

Along with recreating the look of classic shows from Bewitched to Modern Family came the need to give Wanda, Vision, and their twins some sitcom-inspired outfits. From Wanda’s housewife apron to her comic book-inspired witch outfit in the Halloween episode, WandaVision‘s best looks were era-accurate and just plain nice to see. Of course it all came together in the finale, when Wanda’s Scarlet Witch outfit was revealed, finally giving her a modern take on the character’s classic costume. WandaVision‘s great outfits haven’t escaped the attention of one artist.

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Savannah Alexandra was inspired by WandaVision’s costumes to create a piece of art that brings them all together in a unique way. The art gives Wanda a series of paper doll outfits that, when lined up, take her from episode 1 all the way through to the finale. The piece includes Wanda’s Scarlet Witch costume, as well as a template to place the paper dolls on. The art is done in a ’60s style that itself is reminiscent of the type of design seen in sitcoms of that era, bringing the concept together. You can see the art in the Instagram post below:

The art, and the popularity of the post promoting it, makes one wonder if Disney and Marvel haven’t missed out on a marketing opportunity. There is a Scarlet Witch doll for sale on Disney’s website, but only featuring one outfit. Given the effort and accuracy of Wanda’s various outfits, a doll that could switch outfits similar to this paper doll art could have been incredibly successful for WandaVision.

It’s especially relevant given how much fanfare was given to outfits like the classic comics costumes seen in the Halloween episode. Regardless, one thing that’s for certain is the creative team behind WandaVision succeeded in creating a number of iconic looks for Wanda throughout the show, setting the bar for future series based in the MCU, especially if they involve time travel.

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Source: Savannah Alexandra/Instagram

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