Spider-Man & Doctor Strange React To WandaVision In Funny TikTok Video

Despite the fact the Avengers likely aren’t on Twitter, it’s impressive how in-character each of their responses are. Darcy offers a helpful summary but also throws in “Wanda got even hotter.” Fury, Jimmy, and Doctor Strange’s comments are fairly curt, while Ant-Man accidentally tweets from a “STAN CAP” account at first, an amusing reference to how much he loves Captain America in the Marvel movies. All told, the video is a clever and hilarious way to envision MCU characters’ reactions to the events of WandaVision.

The show has generally brought out a creative response from viewers. After being without new MCU content since mid-2019, audiences responded to WandaVision with a deluge of fan art, “Agatha All Along” remixes, and impressive videos like this one. With several more Marvel shows on the way at Disney+, hopefully viewers maintain this level of engagement in the coming months.

Source: mcutweets

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