Spider-Man & Doctor Strange React To WandaVision In Funny TikTok Video

A creative TikTok video imagines Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and other Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes discussing WandaVision. As the first MCU project released in over a year, many took notice of WandaVision when it premiered in January 2021. It kicked off Marvel’s Phase 4 in glorious fashion by pushing the franchise outside of its comfort zone. The sitcom homages were a key part of the series, though ultimately it was an intimate exploration of Wanda Maximoff’s grief over losing her family and Vision.

That didn’t stop viewers from theorizing about WandaVision throughout its run. Some ideas, such as Agnes actually being Agatha Harkness, came to fruition, while others, like Mephisto becoming the villain, did not. The appearance of Evan Peters also led many to assume a connection to the X-Men movies and by extension that WandaVision would introduce the Multiverse. Along with that came the idea a major Avenger would cameo, with Doctor Strange a popular choice, though that didn’t end up happening. Instead, WandaVision focused on Wanda’s transformation into Scarlet Witch, setting up her role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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Considering WandaVision‘s many events, it’s natural to wonder how other MCU characters will react when they find out what happened. A TikTok video posted by mcutweets imagines just that. The video shows Spider-Man posting on Twitter “So I have a million questions regarding Wanda.” The subsequent thread features Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo trying to clear things up, while Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Nick Fury, MJ, and others chime in. Check out the video at the link below.


Despite the fact the Avengers likely aren’t on Twitter, it’s impressive how in-character each of their responses are. Darcy offers a helpful summary but also throws in “Wanda got even hotter.” Fury, Jimmy, and Doctor Strange’s comments are fairly curt, while Ant-Man accidentally tweets from a “STAN CAP” account at first, an amusing reference to how much he loves Captain America in the Marvel movies. All told, the video is a clever and hilarious way to envision MCU characters’ reactions to the events of WandaVision.

The show has generally brought out a creative response from viewers. After being without new MCU content since mid-2019, audiences responded to WandaVision with a deluge of fan art, “Agatha All Along” remixes, and impressive videos like this one. With several more Marvel shows on the way at Disney+, hopefully viewers maintain this level of engagement in the coming months.

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