WandaVision Makeup Look Brings Scarlet Witch’s Color Illusion To Life

One makeup artist has recreated the hyperrealistic look from WandaVision posters. Each episode of WandaVision parodies common sitcom tropes of each decade. The first episode featured Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and a very much alive Vision (Paul Bettany) navigating married life and classic comedic 50’s sitcom tropes in black and white. As Wanda’s life starts to explode in vibrant color, the secret of what’s really going on in her charmed life in Westview starts to unravel.

Makeup artist Brooke Ellis created a phenomenal Wanda-inspired look that’s so realistic it has to be seen to be believed. Hallynmakeup’s complete creation pays tribute to the WandaVision promo photo where Wanda is shown split between her black and white world and the one in color. Check out the incredible makeup look below.

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The makeup is a great tribute to WandaVision‘s main conflict. With each episode and decade passing by, it’s growing increasingly clear that Wanda actually doesn’t want to leave her perfect sitcom life. The show reminds audiences that Scarlet Witch is actually terrifying especially when someone threatens her sense of peace. The red line separating black and white Wanda and Wanda in color might mimic a TV glitch, but it also represents Wanda’s inner conflict. Wanda doesn’t want to accept reality so she created her own truth. She doesn’t like when people remind her that her version of reality isn’t actually real. This was made evident when she threw Geraldine, a.k.a Monica Rambeau, out of Westview after Monica reminded Wanda that Wanda’s brother Pietro was killed by Ultron. There are only five WandaVision episodes left and it seems like Wanda’s reality is getting harder to maintain.

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Source: Brooke Ellis

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