WandaVision Infinity Stones Easter Egg Theory Debunked

Contrary to some theories, the WandaVision set is not affected by the Infinity Stones. As the Marvel Studios Phase 4 inaugural show passes its midpoint, more details regarding its real narrative have been revealed, fueling new postulations. With only a few episodes remaining, WandaVision‘s finale will likely have a major impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward.

To go with WandaVision‘s unique storytelling, the show requires an incredible attention to detail in terms of recapturing the look and feel of the sitcoms it mimics. Given its structure, every episode is different without feeling like there’s a disconnect between them. But as with most Marvel projects, there’s ongoing speculation the Infinity Stones are playing a role in WandaVision, specifically in its overall look. It’s a popular theory, likely because it would be a good way to incorporate the six magical gems back into Phase 4 after the Infinity Saga. However, it turns out viewers are reading too much into this particular situation.

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Speaking with ComicBook, WandaVision production designer Mark Worthington was asked if the Infinity Stones influence how the show looks, including its color schemes. He says that wasn’t really a factor when working on the project. Worthington understands, however, why some might theorize that considering the MCU is known for its interconnectivity.

That people are finding that is absolutely valid. I certainly didn’t have it consciously in mind because I’m thinking more about our story, right? That they are finding it is fantastic. The mythology of these sorts of franchises build up over time, within what we consciously do and then what the fans see and then what becomes the mythology about those two things together. And I think that’s what makes them fun. So that, it’s almost like this Talmudic tradition, right? Where it’s a constant reinterpretation of this idea from different points of view, and it’s all valid and it’s all very interesting.

While the Infinity Stones weren’t necessarily part of the set designing process for WandaVision, that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to do with the show at all. Both Scarlet Witch and Vision’s powers were derived from the Mind Stone, and while all six gems were supposedly destroyed in the primary MCU timeline, the yellow crystal is noticeably back in the synthezoid’s forehead. This understandably raises questions with regard to its authenticity. As revealed in the latest episode, Wanda retrieved her lover’s body from S.W.O.R.D. while the organization was possibly trying to experiment on it illegally. Given this, it’s curious how exactly she revived him—if she actually did.

Only time will tell if and how the Infinity Stones are impacting WandaVision‘s overall storytelling. At this point, it seems like everything that’s happening in Westview is Scarlet Witch’s doing. Perhaps she’s aided by a mystery character, but there’s no concrete evidence just yet the gems are significantly at play here. Whether or not they ultimately are, it’s safe to say the show is firmly establishing Wanda as one of the most powerful heroes in the MCU.

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Source: ComicBook

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