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WandaVision episode 4 finally reveals what’s happening in the “real” MCU – and it’s packed with Marvel Easter eggs. WandaVision may look like a comedy, but in truth it’s something of a mystery. Why have Scarlet Witch and Vision become caught up in a sitcom-based reality? In WandaVision episode 4, Marvel dropped some major clues by revealing SWORD is working on the mystery in pretty much the same way as viewers.

That’s literally the case, because the sitcom episodes are being aired out to the universe in the form of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. The SWORD agents monitoring the town of Westview are literally watching the same episodes audiences are – although they’re mysteriously being censored, meaning viewers on Disney+ have just a couple more clues. The concept is an entertaining one, and it will be fascinating to see what happens next.

But, while episodes of WandaVision are always packed with clues, they’re also full of MCU Easter eggs. In this case, WandaVision episode 4 actually subtly rewrites the history of the MCU itself – and features a number of key recurring characters to boot. Here are all the major pull-outs.

The final Easter egg in WandaVision episode 4 is the most shocking of them all – a glimpse of Vision’s broken head. Scarlet Witch’s control of reality appears to slip immediately after expelling Monica Rambeau from Westview, and for a moment she sees Vision as he truly is – destroyed by Thanos, with the Mind Stone torn out of him. Given the other “parts” in Westview are played by real people who have been repurposed for Wanda’s sitcom, it is possible Vision is actually a corpse animated by her magic – and that for a moment, she sees him as he really is.

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