WandaVision Director Teases Jimmy Woo’s Missing Person Will Be Revealed

WandaVision director Matt Shakman teases the identity of Jimmy Woo’s missing person will be revealed in the future. Marvel Studios’ first Disney+ series concluded its nine-episode first season last week. The finale was largely satisfying for viewers, even if it did debunk several WandaVision theories. One point of discussion with WandaVision all along was the questions it raised. These sparked several theories during the show’s run, but the end of the series didn’t resolve every storyline.

Among the many moments in WandaVision that caught the attention of viewers, the missing person case that brought Jimmy Woo to Westview in the first place became a major point of interest. Fans debated who the person could be, with suggestions ranging from Wonder Man, Agnes, or even Ralph Bohner aka fake Pietro. However, WandaVision ended without revealing who Jimmy Woo came to Westview to find. This led many to wonder if it was just a throwaway line used as a plot point to bring Jimmy into the story, but it turns out there is an answer.

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During a recent interview with Comicbook, Matt Shakman was asked about the identity of Jimmy Woo’s missing person. It isn’t clear if WandaVision ever had plans to reveal the person’s identity, but the director teased that the MCU will answer this question in the future. Shakman understandably didn’t confirm who the individual is or provide any specific teases as to who it might be, but his answer makes it clear that he and Marvel Studios have a plan to reveal the missing person.

In terms of the missing person, yeah there’s an answer for that and, you know, hang in there.

Now that Shakman has seemingly confirmed that Jimmy Woo’s missing person is part of the larger MCU story, it will be fascinating to see when the person’s identity is revealed. It would make sense for the reveal to come in a future project that involves Jimmy Woo. So far, it is not confirmed where the FBI agent will appear next. If Jimmy does come back for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, that could be where an answer comes. This could also mean that the MCU has plans to go back to Westview in the future unless Jimmy Woo’s missing person relocates after being trapped in Scarlet Witch’s altered lifestyle.

With a tease as vague as Jimmy Woo’s missing person, there’s no telling who Marvel Studios has in mind for the answer. Many will likely still find it reassuring to know that this tease will be paid off at some point in the future though. It wouldn’t have been surprising if the missing person was a nobody with no MCU future, so learning that it is tied to the larger universe is intriguing, to say the least. Now fans will have to wait and see where and how Marvel Studios resolves this WandaVision tease.

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