WandaVision Creator Worried Show Wouldn’t Resonate With MCU Fans

There’s no denying WandaVision is a creative risk—it breaks entirely with the MCU format laid out over the last decade and explores an era of sitcoms that many of the franchise’s fans are likely unfamiliar with. Still, many of the tropes and images are recognizable, and it’s safe to say a change in format was exactly what the MCU needed. To continue on with the same formula Marvel has mastered over the last several years would become tiring, especially considering the sheer amount of content the studio plans to release in the coming years.

Now that Marvel is as widely successful as it is, creative risks like WandaVision have more wiggle room; they can be made and possibly fail without affecting the studio’s bottom line. Luckily for Schaeffer and the rest of the crew, WandaVision is hardly at risk of failing. Many have praised the show for the very thing Schaeffer was afraid of, and it’s safe to say her blend of sitcom tropes with MCU plotting is a hit. Disney+ has yet to release numbers for the show, but it continues to be a trending topic online. As WandaVision moves into its action-packed final five episodes, anticipation is higher than ever to see just what comes next for the titular pair.

Source: Digital Spy

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