WandaVision Art Theorizes Hayward Is Ultron In Disguise

New fan art for WandaVision posits that Hayward is Ultron in human form. The Marvel Studios show only has three episodes left in its ongoing season. While the origins and what exactly happens inside the hex are still a mystery, it’s becoming clear S.W.O.R.D. isn’t really one of the good guys.

Introduced in WandaVision episode 4 titled “We Interrupt This Program,” Hayward is supposedly a high-ranking official in S.W.O.R.D. and is the primary leader in the organization’s latest mission to crack the Maximoff anomaly. Initially, he was deemed as an ally as he helped Monica Rambeau settle back in her job following her disappearance due to Thanos’ snap and her eventual re-emergence five years later. Hayward was also the one who sent her to Westview, New Jersey to tackle the case. But, as the show goes on, his true colors are starting to be revealed, with WandaVision dropping clues his intentions in resolving the situation aren’t exactly pure.

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Given this, theories about WandaVision‘s Hayward have started to appear online. One of the oddest ones yet is that he’s Ultron, who came back after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. This theory is the primary inspiration for abgrafix’s latest fan art. Check it out below:

As crazy as this WandaVision theory might sound, there is precedence in the animated series, Avengers Assemble season 3. In it, Ultron took on a human form and posed as a government liaison named Marsh. Like Hayward, he was perceived to be an ally to the Avengers, but in reality, it’s all part of a ploy to take them out. Ultron having personal connections to both Scarlet Witch and Vision backs up this theory. Going after Vision specifically makes sense considering the synthezoid became what Ultron wanted to be using Helen Cho’s Regeneration Cradle in Age of Ultron.

If this theory comes to fruition, the reveal would make the list of WandaVision’s most shocking plot points, which currently includes the introduction of Evan Peters’ Quicksilver. Seeing Ultron back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after almost six years would pose questions with regard to how he was able to return. But, it would be a welcome development for the most part, considering AvengersAge of Ultron really didn’t utilize the villain to his fullest potential. It would also present challenges for Monica, who seemed to share a strong bond with Hayward prior to the events of WandaVision. The show’s true villain has yet to be revealed, but this fan art makes a strong argument for Ultron.

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