‘Vain’ AJ Pritchard was denied first choice of luxury item, says girlfriend

AJ Pritchard was banned from taking in his first choice of luxury item, his girlfriend has revealed.

The I’m A Celebrity star, like his campmates, was asked to draw up a list of three items he wanted to take into the camp and put them in preferred order.

But his top choice was denied by TV producers, explained Abbie Quinnen, and he was forced to make do with his second option.

“They have to choose three and they put it in order of what they want,” she told Metro.co.uk.

AJ Pritchard and his girlfriend Abbey Quinnen

“AJ’s first option was a pillow with him and me on it. I’ve got it here actually.”

Instead, bosses let AJ pack a tube of curl cream to keep his luxuriant blond locks in good condition, but told him to leave his personalised pillow at home.

“The third option was moisturiser. He is very vain, I’m not going to lie. He loves his moisturiser and he does love his curl cream,” Abbie added.

It comes after fellow I’m A Celeb star Shane Richie made a savage jibe about AJ’s hair during last night’s gruelling trial.

AJ and Shane have been clashing on the show

The pair had been voted to head into the grim Chambers of Horror, where they were greeted with 2,000 mealworms and maggots and had to use their tongues to unscrew the all-important stars.

“You’re going to mess your hair up,” snarked Shane as the insects were poured over their heads.

“There goes that shampoo commercial,” he added, as AJ tried his best to ignore the jibe.

It came after days of growing tension between the men, sparked by Shane’s poor washing-up skills.

AJ was annoyed by Shane’s terrible washing up

AJ had to redo the metal eating trays after Shane failed to scrub all the old food from them, and pointed out how clean and sparkling they were afterwards to the rest of the group.

And their animosity reached boiling point on Thursday’s show when the campmates tucked into monkfish and Shane finished first.

He dropped his tray on the ground with a loud clang, leaving AJ furious as he gave him the side-eye.

Knowing that it was AJ’s turn to wash up, Shane decided to stir the pot anyway by asking: “Right then, who is doing the washing up?”

The pair snarked at each other over the dishes

When it was clear it’s AJ’s turn, Shane told him: “There you go. How do you like them apples!”

But AJ didn’t see the joke in Shane’s comment, prompting him to order Shane to “put it by the bucket”.

Shane then refused to move, and asked the group again: “Who is doing the washing up?”

“Myself and Jess,” AJ sternly replied.

As Shane went to put his dish by the bucket, he came back and grabbed AJ on the shoulder – prompting AJ to give him a fed-up look.

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