Tragedy Has Always Been Wanda And Vision’s Story, Says Elizabeth Olsen

Olsen’s observation of how tragedy has been ever-present in the superhero couple’s love story thus far is no doubt an accurate one. Their relationship is in many ways rooted in “pure, innocent love,” but that love has never been able to truly blossom, and despite mentioning the fresh start, bringing up the theme of “Tragedy” may also be an inadvertent tease of what’s to come. Considering Vision is dead, and episode 3’s clever glitch even highlights how he’s being controlled by Wanda as well to avoid finding out the truth about their life in Westview, it feels inevitable that the story is about to take a dark or tragic turn. According to Olsen, even the sitcom parodies become more cynical to match the change in TV trends, but perhaps to also match the WandaVision’s shift to a more slightly more serious tone.

WandaVision has relied heavily on its sitcom format in the first few episodes and has offered only small teases of the potential chaos that is about to come. It is a departure from what some Marvel fans have grown accustomed to seeing from Marvel, and it’s even led to a portion of the audience labeling the show as boring. However, Bettany previously called for fans to be patient, and showrunner Jac Schaeffer even stated that WandaVision season 1 feels like a complete story. Fans might want to enjoy the happier moments Wanda and Vision have been experiencing thus far. The next episode of WandaVision reportedly offers a big perspective shift, and it might be the start of more tragedy for Wanda and Vision.

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