Moonlight Director Releases Underground Railroad Teaser That Turns Back Time

Director Barry Jenkins has released another teaser trailer for his upcoming limited series The Underground Railroad, which is set to premiere sometime in 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. The 10-part series is based on Colson Whitehead’s novel of the same name, which follows Cora Randall (Thuso Mbedu), a girl born into slavery in the antebellum South, and her fight for freedom. Both the novel and the show reimagine the Underground Railroad that helped thousands of Black men and women escape slavery as a real railroad complete with trains and train tracks. The Underground Railroad isn’t Jenkins’ first venture into the world of book-to-screen adaptations, as he also helmed the film adaptation of James Baldwin’s novel If Beale Street Could Talk in 2018 as a follow-up to the Oscar-winning Moonlight.

Jenkins released the latest teaser trailer for his newest project The Underground Railroad on Vimeo, titled “In Aeternum” (meaning “forever” in Latin). The moody trailer features a series of seemingly unrelated shots that play out in reverse and an evocative score from Jenkins’ frequent collaborator Nicholas Britell. The images – including two people running backward through a field and a woman wandering through a burning house – reveal more about the show’s aesthetic than they do about the actual plot. It’s unclear whether the reversed footage will be included in the series or if it merely serves as an artsy promotional statement. Check out the teaser trailer below:

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All of the teaser trailers for The Underground Railroad suggest that Jenkins will continue to display his penchant for ethereal imagery and poetic visual storytelling in the limited series. His signature style scored him an Oscar nomination for Best Director as well as a win for Best Picture in 2017, and the positive reaction to the new teaser trailer implies that the style will continue to work for him in the future. Beyond The Underground Railroad, Jenkins is set to direct Disney’s upcoming live-action Lion King prequel.

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