“Together in the Night” (interview) –

From the creators of World of Warcraft and Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment comes an intense journey into a world where death waits around every corner. The game combines thrilling story-telling with uniquely challenging gameplay in ways that are unlike anything else on the market today.

“Together in the Night” is an interview with “The New York Times”. The interviewer asks how long do interviews last.

“Together in the Night” (interview) –


The 18th fan video from the STARSHIP DEIMOS Creative Group has a length of scarcely more than three minutes if you exclude the opening and closing credits. But, honestly, how long does it take to say “Merry Christmas?”

Despite being established in Star Trek Generations as remaining a part of 24th century society, at least on Earth, Christmas is seldom featured in Star Trek fan films. Why not make a holiday-themed fan film? To be sure, they’re not unheard of. One year ago, the cosplayers of STAR TREK FAN PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL published PEACE AND GOODWILL, a holiday-themed “fandemic” video (recorded by each actor remotely).

This year, it was the turn of Starship Deimos. Take a peek at their holiday card…


With these inquiries, I contacted showrunner RANDY LANDERS. VICTORIA AVALON, the episode’s writer and main actress, as well as producer LEE DREW, were contacted by him. So let’s have a good ol’ yuletide fan film fireside conversation (over the Internet)…

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you What prompted you to make a Deimos episode with a Christmas theme?

VICTORIA – Deimos’ audience is modest, and the majority of its watchers seem to be die-hard Trekkies. This appeals to them since I write mostly from TOS and TNG inspiration. Spiritual allusions in other works have received a lot of great attention. I grew raised as an Episcopalian, and I often use Anglican Christian mythology in my work, as does my character Siân Gabriel. In 2009, my spouse and I co-wrote and self-published a high fantasy book based on similar topics.

I had wanted to make an old-fashioned Christmas greeting with images from all of the crews in our different projects. Those kinds of stuff are all over local television throughout the Christmas season; I assume that comes with growing up in the southern United States. It’s a Southern custom that I grew up with.

RANDY – I’m RANDY. It was an opportunity for me to send a Christmas card to POTEMKIN PICTURES admirers. However, not everyone on the cast and crew wanted to participate. We all appreciated that, therefore I decided to make this Deimos’ Christmas card. And I believe it works, particularly in light of IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations).

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you “Together in the Night” seems to have been shot quickly. Victoria noted in a recent interview for DREADNOUGHT DOMINION (another fan series in which she stars) that she travels 15 hours from central Florida to Kentucky to film Deimos. Victoria didn’t travel all that way only to capture 3 minutes of dialogue, do you think? Is it true that “Together in the Night” snuck into any other shoots?

VICTORIA – The vignette was filmed at the same time as “Leviathan,” and it was inspired by our wish to do more with RENDA CARR’s Maura Drake character, who didn’t play a large role in “Leviathan.” It also included additional character history for both Gabriel and Drake, and our fans have expressed their enjoyment of the personal allusions and character development in the comments I’ve read.


RANDY – I’m RANDY. For “Leviathan,” I had just completed directing and operating camera. My blood sugar was all out of whack after a six-hour shoot. I excused myself, walked upstairs, drank my Victoza at 4 p.m., and sat for an hour. I trusted Victoria and Lee with the directing and camera work. They did a wonderful job with it, in my opinion.

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you They did it! Now, I understand you were looking for someone fresh to assist you with your CGI. THE FEDERATION FILES’ DAN REYNOLDS is credited for the visual effects in the final two episodes. Is he your new VFX person on the job?

RANDY – I’m RANDY. We have three VFX artists on staff. With “Leviathan,” Dan stepped up to the plate, and we’re quite pleased with his effort. He also worked on the visual effects for “Together in the Night,” and I want to invite him to work on the visual effects for our next fan film “Prime Directive.”

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you That brings me to my last question: what can we expect from Deimos and Potemkin Pictures in the future?

– LEE Deimos has another new script from Victoria called “Prime Directive,” as Randy just indicated. We’ve already filmed the main sequences with the Deimos team, and we’re just waiting for our Klingon crew to wrap up the rest of the shoot. Thanks to Victoria’s amazing tale, I believe this will be our finest production yet.

RANDY – I’m RANDY. In terms of upcoming Potemkin Pictures projects, “Opportunity” from STARSHIP WEBSTER is in late post-production (music by TONY LUNN, sound by RICK FOXX) and will be released shortly. For PROJECT: POTEMKIN’s “Castaway,” we worked a lot with pickup shots and editing. I’m also continuing to work on Webster’s “Snowbound,” which features RICHARD SVENNSSON’s special effects.

Aside from that, we’ll be shooting with a new creative collective called STARSHIP CALIBORN in January. BILLY SWANSON is the showrunner, and it will be unlike anything we’ve done before.

A series of KLINGON SCOUT SHIP QAB’ELTH (made by Victoria Avalon) films will be released in 2022. We’ve booked a Klingon shoot for February, with LAWRENCE “Larry” FLEMING reprising his role as Klingon commander Le-Kat from “The Solomon Gambit.” It won’t take long to edit, and we’ll be able to release it in the spring of 2022.

JONATHAN – I’m Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you Potemkin Pictures has a lot of interesting stuff coming up, as always! Thank you everybody, and have a wonderful Christmas.

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