The Walking Dead Explains Daryl’s Missing Time Jump Story

It’s unclear if Leah left or was taken, but seeing as she didn’t take Dog with her, it’s most likely the latter. The suspicious circumstances of Leah’s disappearance and the obvious setup between her and Daryl seem to hint she will someday return, but it’s also unclear when that will happen. The Walking Dead season 11 is a possibility, with Leah perhaps being taken by the Civic Republic Military, but it’s just as possible Leah could return in Carol and Daryl’s spinoff series. Either way, the introduction of Leah is an interesting addition to Daryl’s story, adding to the tragic pattern of yet another person he loves going missing.

Another pattern that returns in “Find Me” is Daryl’s fraught relationship with Carol. Though The Walking Dead has moved beyond them becoming a romantic item, their friendship has been one of the show’s longest-lasting relationships. However, recent seasons have seen them growing apart, and during both this episode’s flashback scenes and the present day, there’s a tension between them that remains unresolved. During the time jump years, it appears this tension stems from Carol moving on with her life at The Kingdom while Daryl remains isolated in the woods. In the present, though, it’s Connie’s disappearance that’s driven a wedge between them.

With The Walking Dead finally revealing more of what happened to Daryl during the season 9 time jump, his state of mind since then makes more sense. Having lost both Rick and then Leah, it’s understandable why he’d be cautious about opening himself up to Connie. And now that she’s also gone missing, Daryl is again left with the one friend who’s always there: Carol. But is she the sort of friend Daryl wants to always have around? She’s become increasingly selfish, and as Daryl rightly points out, she doesn’t seem to care that her reckless actions have hurt others, including himself. As The Walking Dead season 10 continues to examine its characters through these bonus episodes, it appears that in addition to working through his past grief, Daryl will need to reevaluate his relationship with Carol before they set off on a new adventure in their spinoff.

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