The Office’s Angela Kinsey Tests Positive For COVID-19

Angela Kinsey, best known for playing Angela on The Office, has tested positive for COVID. Unlike the strict and tight-lipped accountant that she portrayed on The Office, Kinsey is a warm and talkative person who very regularly updates fans on her life via social media. Kinsey posted on her Instagram 6 days ago that her family members have contracted the virus, starting with her stepsons, then spreading to her daughter and husband, Joshua Snyder. She explained that her family “doesn’t go out” so she is unsure where they could have picked up the virus. In the same post, Kinsey said they were going to wear masks for Christmas because she had still tested negative.

Unfortunately, Kinsey still ended up getting COVID, as she confirmed on her Instagram story on Tuesday. She explained that early in the morning, she was feeling unwell and got retested. A few hours later, she posted her test results, saying, “I knew the odds were against me since I was living with 4 Covid positive people.” Kinsey also said that the rest of her family was starting to feel better, saying that her kids are currently “bouncing off the walls” and that her husband was feeling better, even if a bit fatigued. Hopefully, Kinsey will also have a mild case of the virus.

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Like many Hollywood stars, Kinsey is a resident of L.A. County, where there has been a large spike in cases ever since TV and film production restarted. In fact, the area has become so riddled with infections that the L.A. County Health Department has urged Hollywood to stop filming in order to control the spread. Many filming sets have had to halt production anyway due to someone contracting the virus – most recently, Ellen Degeneres’ set shut down after the host tested positive. All that said, hopefully, things will soon turn around for both Hollywood and America at large, as some people have already started receiving the first doses of the vaccine.

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