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The Last Kingdom‘s final season will also feature new cast members, including Patrick Robinson as Father Benedict, “a holy man with a troubled past” and Sonya Cassidy as Eadgifu, “a smart and openhearted Saxon who arrives in Winchester.” The Last Kingdom season 5 will have exciting changes behind the camera as well, with Dreymon set to direct one of the upcoming episodes. In a statement, the lead actor called playing Uhtred “a wonderful journey.”

Though some viewers may be disappointed to hear The Last Kingdom is coming to an end, it’s had a fairly lengthy run already. After season 5, the series will consist of 46 episodes, which is especially impressive considering Netflix often cancels shows after season 3. Additionally, it’s nice that audiences are finding out that season 5 will be the end for The Last Kingdom so far in advance. The new season doesn’t have a release date yet, so viewers have plenty of time to come to terms with the show’s conclusion. That should help make season 5 a little more enjoyable and less bittersweet.

It will be interesting to see what those behind The Last Kingdom have in store for Uhtred. Based on the season 5 description, it sounds like he’ll have his hands full with Aethelstan. It seems likely the other new characters will have important roles as well, though it’s unclear how much they’ll factor into the story. Hopefully, The Last Kingdom season 5 brings the show to a satisfying conclusion.

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