The Flash Season 7 Confirms XS Return | Screen Rant

On The Flash, Nora West-Allen is played by Jessica Parker Kennedy. Audiences did not see Kennedy’s character during the sixth season of the series after her death/erasure, and how she can return this season is still a mystery. The other big question is whether she will be the same Nora that Barry and Iris knew before or different since the timeline has changed, erasing her existence.

The Flash bringing back Nora West-Allen is considerable, as the loss of Nora hit Barry and Iris very hard. And considering that fans now know two future children for the couple, it will be interesting to see when the show decides to tackle the subject of Iris getting pregnant in the present. Regardless, the 150th episode promises to be an exciting episode for fans of the series. With the entire Allen family of speedsters now confirmed to be featured and other guest stars from the history of the series all too likely, the episode will be a real milestone celebration.


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