The Best TV Shows and Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime Video in January

Looking for the best shows and movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video this month? This month, Amazon has a few original movies to keep an eye on, including the film directorial debut of Regina King and an Irish drama that is sure to get the emotions flowing, as well as a couple favorite television shows that are streaming nine seasons of comedy and eight seasons of murderous drama — though maybe you want to skip the final episodes of those. 

Our picks for the best shows and movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video in January are below, but here is the complete list of what’s new on Amazon Prime in January. If you’re looking for even more suggestions, click over to our full list of recommendations.

The Best Shows and Movies on Amazon This Month


Available Jan. 1
During television’s heyday of prestige dramas, Dexter was Showtime’s entry into the crowded space, following a blood spatter expert (Michael C. Hall) who also happened to be a serial killer. It was an instant hit, with its macabre look at the mind of a murderer who painstakingly went through the process of killing other murderers and cleaning up the mess afterward. The show’s appeal waned in later seasons, because Showtime has no issue letting series run out of creative juices as long as they’re still fairly popular, but the early seasons are still great. 


Available Jan. 15
This tearjerker becomes a mega-tearjerker because everyone has an Irish accent, and we all know Irish accents make the drama hit that much harder. The Sundance favorite follows a woman, recently out of an abusive relationship, looking to find a new place for her and her kids by literally building it from the ground up. The film has earned positive reviews, with star Clare Dunne’s performance a highlight.    

One Night in Miami

Available Jan. 15
If Regina King is half a good a director as she is an actor, then her directorial debut, One Night in Miami, should be fantastic. King gets behind the camera to tell the story of a night when four legends in their fields — boxer Muhammad Ali, football great Jim Brown, singer Sam Cooke, and activist Malcolm X — hung out together after Ali’s title fight against Sonny Liston and contemplated the power and responsibility that they have. Reviews were high, with praise for King and her direction, as well as being a fantastic adaptation of the play it’s based on. 



Available Jan. 18
This bare-bones thriller has a simple and familiar premise — a woman is stalked by a creep — but well-tread ideas can feel fresh as long as they’re done right. John Hyams, whose past credits include Netflix’s visceral and unrelenting zombie series Black Summer, pulls off this tense film by keeping it simple, letting the action and intensity breed naturally in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest through sight and sound. It won’t be for everyone as there’s a certain amount of realistic violence and torture against a woman, but it received positive reviews.

How I Met Your Mother

Available Jan. 19
Need nine seasons of a somewhat beloved comedy to fill your life? The CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother lands on Amazon as one of the best hangout comedies ever made as it follows a group of friends navigating love and life in New York City. It also features one of the most controversial endings in sitcom history, so brace yourself for that.

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