Supergirl Season 6 Showrunner Teases Kara’s Dire Situation

Meanwhile, Queller notes the parallels to society’s experience during the ongoing pandemic. She cites the challenges of being “isolated with your own thoughts and fears” to keep you company and not knowing when you’ll get the opportunity to see your loved ones again. Along with the rescue mission for Kara, Rovner and Queller hint at what else might be in store for those back in National City, including the very same Phantoms Supergirl is facing herself. Based on the showrunners’ comments, this should make for an exciting double battle in Supergirl season 6.

The Girl of Steel certainly did not earn that title by being anything but courageous and auspicious, but the Phantom Zone and its menacing spirits sound like they may be Kara’s greatest challenge yet. It’s no secret Supergirl heavily relies on those around her, hence her devastation at Lena’s rejection last season and her heartbreak when having to let Mon-El go in season 2. This makes the Phantom Zone an especially difficult place for Kara. The Super Friends may be stronger together, but now Supergirl will have to learn how to find strength alone.

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