Star Wars Brings Back The Prequels’ Best Obi-Wan Meme

Star Wars: The Bad Batch references one of the best Obi-Wan memes of the prequels with a callback that may also hint at Omega’s true purpose. Streaming weekly on Disney+, The Bad Batch is Lucasfilm’s follow-up series to The Clone Wars. It picks up with events in a galaxy far, far away just as the Galactic Empire takes hold and the Jedi are being wiped out.

Introduced in The Bad Batch‘s first episode, Omega is a young, female clone who admires and eventually befriends Clone Force 99. Together, they escape Kamino following the Empire’s takeover and are now on the run. Though also a clone, Omega isn’t like the Bad Batch or any of the other Jango Fett-created clones, but exactly what makes her different remains a mystery. She is important, though, because already bounty hunters are hot on her trail. Fennec Shand, a fearsome bounty hunter first introduced on The Mandalorian, comes in search of Omega in the latest episode of The Bad Batch, tracking her target to a market on Pantora.

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In The Bad Batch season 1, episode 4 “Cornered”, Omega and Clone Force 99 arrive on Pantora in need of supplies. While browsing at a shop, Omega sees a box of voorpak puppies and runs over excitedly, saying to them, “Hello there” – a line which could very well be a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s now iconic use of the greeting in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. In that film, Obi-Wan says “Hello there” when he comes face-to-face with General Greivous for what will be their final duel on Utapau. The scene has since become a famous Star Wars meme for many reasons, be it Ewan McGregor’s delivery of the line, the funny visual of Obi-Wan’s head popping into frame, or just the fact that he addresses Grevious so casually at a crucial moment. As such, it’s now nearly impossible for Star Wars fans to hear “Hello there” and not think of Obi-Wan Kenobi. So when Omega says “Hello there” on The Bad Batch, it draws a connection between the two, no matter if that was the line’s intention or not. Though, if having Omega use a line made famous by Obi-Wan was intentional, then it could be hint at why Omega is so valuable.

While the regular clones and even the Bad Batch were created as soldiers for the Republic, Omega seems to have been made with another purpose in mind. Like the Bad Batch, she is a modified clone whose DNA has been altered more significantly than that of the regs. This is why Omega is the only known female clone, but it’s unlikely the Kaminoans modified Omega’s DNA just to flip her sex. Instead, like Hunter or Wrecker, the Kaminoans are likely to have enhanced certain abilities of her’s or perhaps even added entirely news ones. Additionally, she wasn’t trained as a soldier, wasn’t ordered by the Republic since Tarkin is unaware of her, and her role as a medical assistant sounds more like a cover story meant to keep her under close observation. Altogether, it points at the Kaminoans creating Omega in secret and for a reason known only to them.

One theory suggests Omega is the Kaminoan’s attempt at a Force-sensitive clone, potentially created in the hopes of developing some kind of fail safe against the Jedi and the Republic. The best evidence for this comes in the final minutes of The Bad Batch‘s season 1 premiere, when Omega shoots a blaster for the very first time and knocks out Crosshair. Managing to land such a shot on her first try could very well be dumb luck or some latent skill in Fett’s DNA, but it’s just as possible Omega received a little help from the Force.

By having Omega say “Hello there”, The Bad Batch could again be hinting at her being Force-sensitive because the line creates a small link between her and Obi-Wan, one of the few surviving Jedi. If true, and Omega is a Force-sensitive clone, then it makes perfect sense for the Kaminoans to hire a bounty hunter like Fennec Shand to track her down. And if not, and the line’s inclusion is a total coincidence, then Omega could still very well be a Force-sensitive clone and we can enjoy being reminded of a most delightful Star Wars meme.

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