Star Wars Brings Back The Prequels’ Best Obi-Wan Meme

While the regular clones and even the Bad Batch were created¬†as soldiers for the Republic, Omega¬†seems to have been made with another¬†purpose in mind. Like the Bad Batch,¬†she is a modified clone whose DNA¬†has been altered more significantly than that of the regs. This¬†is why Omega is the only known female clone, but it’s unlikely the¬†Kaminoans¬†modified Omega’s DNA¬†just¬†to flip¬†her sex. Instead, like Hunter or Wrecker, the Kaminoans are likely to have enhanced certain¬†abilities of her’s¬†or perhaps even added entirely news ones. Additionally,¬†she¬†wasn’t¬†trained as a soldier, wasn’t ordered by the Republic since Tarkin is unaware of her, and her role as a medical assistant sounds more like a cover story meant to keep her under close observation.¬†Altogether, it points at the Kaminoans creating Omega in secret and for a¬†reason known only to them.

One theory suggests Omega is the Kaminoan’s attempt at a Force-sensitive clone, potentially created in the hopes of developing some kind of¬†fail safe against the Jedi and the Republic. The best evidence for this comes in the final minutes of The Bad Batch‘s season 1 premiere, when Omega shoots a blaster for the very first time and knocks out Crosshair. Managing¬†to land such a shot on her first¬†try could very well be dumb luck or some latent skill¬†in Fett’s¬†DNA, but¬†it’s just as¬†possible Omega¬†received a little help from the Force.

By having Omega say¬†“Hello there”, The Bad Batch could¬†again be hinting at her being Force-sensitive because the line creates¬†a small link between¬†her and Obi-Wan, one of the few surviving Jedi. If true, and Omega is a Force-sensitive clone, then it makes perfect sense for the¬†Kaminoans¬†to hire a bounty hunter¬†like Fennec Shand to track her down.¬†And if not, and the line’s inclusion is a total coincidence, then Omega could still very well be a Force-sensitive clone and we can enjoy being reminded of a most delightful¬†Star Wars¬†meme.

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