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Kanan proved to be an instrumental hero of the Rebellion and without him, the Rebellion might have never gotten off the ground, but it’s all thanks to the Bad Batch’s Hunter who spared Caleb Dume’s life years prior. That being said, Caleb’s escape and survival in The Bad Batch is essentially a retcon, though it’s certainly a dynamic one that puts this new series’ protagonists in a position where they’ve become big parts of the formation of the galaxy’s future, even if they themselves don’t know it.

One can imagine that Clone Force 99’s exploits in future episodes will continue to feature new reveals as their involvement in this transitory time period is further fleshed out, though this first one is pretty big. Without Hunter making the right call and sparing Caleb, who knows what the Rebellion would have turned into, or if it would have even begun at all? In any case, The Bad Batch has already proven itself to be quite significant to the Star Wars timeline and continuity, ensuring that it won’t be a series fans will want to miss as it continues on Disney Plus.

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