Corrie’s Sally Carman opens up about real life romance with co-star Joe Duttine

Coronation Street star Sally Carman has admitted she hates filming scenes with her real life fiancé Joe Duttine.

The 40-year-old, who plays recovering drug addict Abi Franklin, has been at the centre of a shocking storyline that has seen her on-screen son murdered for being friends with a goth.

But away from work, Sally is brimming with happiness after she got engaged to her co-star Joe Duttine, 50, who plays Tim Metcalfe on the ITV soap, last summer.

They began dating in 2018, and moved in together the following year.

She told The Sun : ” Coronation Street has completely changed my life, I feel really settled.

“I’ve got myself a fiancé, I’ve moved house, and I’ve got a family and brilliant friends.

“Before Corrie my life was about the next job. Now I’m at an age where I’ve pretty much done everything I want to do and this is a job where I get to do different storylines and hang out with good friends at work.

Sally Carman and Joe Duttine have been dating since 2018, and got engaged last year during lockdown
Sally Carman and Joe Duttine have been dating since 2018, and got engaged last year during lockdown

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“Then I come home to my nice house and my family.

“I feel like I’m putting roots down for the first time in my life.”

Sally is now stepmum to Joe’s two children, and admits that the giddy happiness she gets from her home life sometimes spills out on set – not ideal when playing such a troubled character.

Since joining the show in 2017, Abi has had a heroin overdose, lost custody of her twins, lived rough and been in prison.

Coronation Street actors Sally Carman and Joe Duttine, who play Tim and Abi. They are a couple in real life
Sally is engaged to Joe Duttine, who plays Tim in the soap

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Sally explained: “I hate working with him [Joe]. He’s a rotten man to work with because he makes me laugh to the point where I get that sweaty feeling because I can’t get a grip.

“It’s painful. I’ll have gritted teeth and go, ‘Stop it!’, and he’ll say, ‘I’m not doing anything’.

“If I never have a scene with him again I’ll be all right with that.”

Another huge change in Sally’s life has been finding God.

Sally's character Abi's son died in Friday night's episode
Sally’s character Abi’s son died in Friday night’s episode

Abi Franklin and Tim Metcalfe onscreen in Coronation Street
Abi Franklin and Tim Metcalfe onscreen in Coronation Street

She was baptised two years ago, and now hopes to marry in the same church next year.

Sally explained: “It’s about loving people and forgiving and moving on and letting go of what’s gone, because you can’t change it.

“It’s about being a source of good. I’ve got a peace that surpasses all understanding.

“It’s easier to be less caught up in your own issues when you feel like that.”

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