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Like Discovery, Star Trek: Picard is a recent addition to the franchise. The show has chosen to reintroduce some classic Star Trek characters in a new light, and the final episode of season 1 revealed that Seven Of Nine, a fan-favorite character first introduced on Star Trek: Voyager, is queer. In Star Trek: Picard, Seven was shown sharing an affectionate moment with another main character, Raffi Musiker, during which the two women held hands and exchanged a meaningful look. Directly after the episode, actress Jeri Ryan expressed that she thinks Seven is pansexual. While fans have yet to see any more of Seven and Raffi’s relationship, the emphasis put on their small scene suggests there is definitely more to come.

The decision to reveal more about the sexuality of an already established character like Seven of Nine lends further credence to the idea that there have always been queer themes in the Star Trek franchise. Star Trek has never shied away from their message of a utopic future for everyone, no matter how they look, how they identify, or who they choose to love. From the very beginning, way before characters like Seven of Nine could be openly gay, the franchise has helped LGBTQ+ people see themselves as they would like to be seen, and while this has only gotten easier as society has become more accepting, Star Trek has been part of a queer television legacy from the beginning.

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