Snowpiercer Finally Explains Why Melanie Had To Betray Wilford

Melanie always believed that had Wilford controlled Snowpiercer from the start, the Great Ark Train wouldn’t have survived one revolution around the planet, and she is quite likely correct. Even as the master of Big Alice, Wilford has shown that he prides his own creature comforts above the well-being of his people and he manipulates, intimidates, and kills to achieve his ends. Of course, Melanie was forced to do many equally terrible things in Wilford’s name when she ran the train, but Cavill was also concerned with finding ways to perpetuate humanity – the development of the Drawers was Melanie’s Hail Mary attempt to cryogenically preserve key passengers to repopulate the world if Snowpiercer failed (which she believed it inevitably would).

“Many Miles From Snowpiercer’s” intriguing flashbacks showed that the cruelty and selfishness beneath Wilford’s charming veneer haven’t changed one iota. Melanie made an impossible choice when she took Snowpiercer from Wilford and she’s still paying for it since she keeps being separated from her daughter. Perhaps the best episode of Snowpiercer thus far, “Many Miles From Snowpiercer” was a deep dive into Melanie Cavill’s deep-seated guilt and fears, but it also highlighted her determination, resourcefulness, and capacity for self-sacrifice.

Cavill is routinely faced with unenviable decisions to make and she rises to the occasion, even (and especially) when it personally hurts her the most. The irony is Melanie’s heroism may have tragically cost her the chance to reunite with Alex aboard Snowpiercer. Meanwhile, without his nemesis Melanie aboard, Mr. Wilford is closer than ever to taking back the 1,034-cars-long super train he believes belongs only to him, potentially dooming everyone aboard  Snowpiercer in the long term.

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