Sky Rojo Trailer: Money Heist Creator’s New Thriller Show For Netflix

The creators of Money Heist just released a trailer for their new Netflix show, Sky RojoMoney Heist is a Spanish crime drama series broken up into four parts that have eight episodes each, with Part 5 on the way. The heist series has taken off on Netflix as it showcases suspenseful storylines with amazingly badass characters. As Money Heist prepares to wrap up after season 5, creators Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato are already looking to the future with their next series.

Netflix released a trailer for Sky Rojo, a brightly colored, chaotic thriller in a style the creators call “Latin pulp.” The trailer starts off by showing a wild nightlife scene that may look like paradise for some but is revealed to be a prison for the women who offer their services there. It quickly shows three brothel workers beating a man to death in self-defense. This is likely the inciting incident that launches the women on their run from the law and quest for freedom.

The series appears to have plenty in common with Money Heist. Both are Spanish crime dramas that are packed with action. While Money Heist featured a group of skilled and experienced criminals, the women in Sky Rojo seem to be novices. Sky Rojo also appears to explore some deep themes regarding the negative perception of sex work. The action-packed series is set to premiere on Netflix on March 19.

Sky Rojo is a Spanish action crime drama series that follows three prostitutes, Coral, Wendy, and Gina, who go on the run in search of freedom while being chased by Romeo, their pimp from Las Novias Club, and his henchmen, Moisés and Christian.

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