Simpsons Showrunner Unsure How Much Longer The Series Can Go On

With the current cycle of revivals and reboots in pop culture, it’s clear why Jean is convinced there will always be some form of The Simpsons on everyone’s screens. In a world of streaming where the limited series seems to be triumphing over the traditional long-running sitcom, the enduring popularity of The Simpsons has once again seen the show become an outlier in a full-circle moment that arguably harkens back to its cult origins.

Even when The Simpsons finally airs its finale, the show’s legacy is too great for it to simply disappear. Its practice of largely ignoring continuity in favor of self-contained episodes has made it a show that appears very difficult to resolve, especially when the characters have remained the same for over thirty years. The Simpsons’ longevity cements it as part of television history, and though it’s unclear how there can be more stories for Springfield’s favorite family to tell, fans will continue to see them on the screen for a long time to come.

Source: Variety

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