Showtime’s Halo TV Show Loses Director Due To COVID-19 Delay

Though it’s disappointing to hear Bassett is no longer involved in Halo, her words about the show are promising. Her comment about the show’s apparent scale is especially exciting, as it indicates HaloĀ will maintain the spirit and scope of the games. It’s also good to hear Bassett praise the show’s cast,Ā considering the controversy. Signaling out Schreiber is a good sign as well; hisĀ Master Chief will be a big factor in whetherĀ HaloĀ is a success.

The news about Bassett exiting the Halo show speaks to the coronavirus’ lasting impact on Hollywood. Though filming shutdowns due to the pandemic have received a lot of attention, there will continue to be ripple effects from it.Ā BassettĀ isn’t the first creative who’s been forced to walk away from a project due to the coronavirus, and she won’t be the last. It shows the continued cost of the virus, albeit on a smaller scale, which will likely be felt for years to come. Hopefully, HaloĀ is still a success without Bassett, but her departure is certainly a loss for the series.

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