Robert Rinder tells John Barrowman he ‘called it wrong’ over Lady Leshurr on DOI

Robert Rinder denied he was “throwing shade” at the Dancing On Ice judges on the show on Sunday, but he had to call out some of their comments.

He wasn’t happy with the feedback given to contestant Lady Leshurr after her latest performance.

Judge Rinder backed the rapper over her epic performance, while the star admitted she had made a number of slips or mistakes in the routine during the live show.

That said, viewers still enjoyed the performance and Robert was with them – showing his support for her with a customised t-shirt.

But the judges were divided over the routine, with some arguing it lacked character.

Judge Robert Rinder backed Dancing On Ice contestant Lady Leshurr, after she faced tough feedback from the judges

John Barrowman told her that she was “charismatic” throughout, and that he wanted to go higher with the score but the stumbles “set her off”.

He told her: “Gwen Verdon who sang that song, she was never perfect vocally. If you’re not perfect skating, I wanted you to be more character, in it, but it just wasn’t there.”

Judge Rinder revealed he wasn’t in agreement with the feedback, and while he wasn’t “throwing shade” he believed John was “wrong” with his comments.

John Barrowman told her he wanted to go higher with the score

He said live on the show: “I’m not, as Leshurr might say, throwing shade on any of the judges. Even the most informed judges from time to time can get it wrong.

“But I’m afraid to say John Barrowman you really did call it wrong tonight, because Leshurr is hard on herself but what she did was inhabit that space.

“Yes, Gwen Verdon danced it but she didn’t have to dance it on ice.

Fans were shocked by Lady Leshurr’s score

“What Leshurr did was remind us all just as she does in her music, that she can be funny, humorous and poetic and be exactly what we need right now.”

He went on: “That little bundle of explosive joy and happiness, so well done, that’s why I am supporting her.”

Many fans of the show backed this, taking to Twitter to confess they too believed Lady Leshurr deserved higher marks and feedback.

Dancing On Ice airs Sundays at 6pm on ITV.

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