Richard Madeley suggests Meghan and Harry daughter’s name is ‘apology’ to Queen

Richard Madeley has suggested that Prince Harry and Meghan naming their daughter after the Queen could be “their way of saying sorry” and burying the hatchet.

It comes after Prince Harry accused the royals of “total neglect” and said that his “life was a total nightmare” in chats with Oprah Winfrey.

Despite his and Meghan’s criticisms of royal life, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have named their daughter Lilibet after the Queen’s nickname.

Hosting Good Morning Britain alongside Susanna Reid, Richard suggested to royal commentators Afua Adom and Angela Levin: “Do we think possibly – this came to me as I was nodding off last night – that actually it’s a way of them saying sorry for some of the things that they’ve said in their interview?

“No,” she replied. “They’re talking about their experiences, they’re talking about what they went through and if other people find that offensive, then that’s up to them. They have something to feel guilty about.”

Richard remarked: “Well, look. My grandparents weren’t perfect parents to my father, I’ve written about that in a book, but I’d never talk about it in that way. I would never accuse them of being bad grandparents.”

“I don’t think Harry was saying ‘My grandparents were bad people, my parents were bad people. They were saying that some of the parenting that went on was perhaps not the best.

“But you have to remember that Harry is perhaps of a different generation. He’s talking about his mental health to try and inspire people to do the same thing.

“I think them naming their daughter Lilibet is definitely a nod of affection towards the Queen and a very loving nod of affection to the Queen.”

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