Queen felt ‘genuine loss’ at death of ‘similar soul’ Capt Tom, says his daughter

Captain Sir Tom Moore’s daughter has spoken about his connection with the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth and national hero Capt Tom met in July when she knighted him for his fundraising for the NHS.

During the first lockdown, the Second World War veteran’s efforts went viral, and soon donations soared past his £1000 goal to nearly £33 million.

Now his daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore has told of a special connection between the two – and how Her Majesty felt “genuine loss” when Capt Tom died two weeks ago after contracting pneumonia and Covid.

The family received a “lovely” letter from Buckingham Palace, Hannah shared.

Queen Elizabeth and Captain Sir Tom Moore
Queen Elizabeth knighted Captain Tom in July

She told BBC Breakfast’s John Maguire: “I joked with my friends and said if it weren’t for Covid they’d have gone off for a cup of tea and had a good chin-wag into the afternoon.

“It was two similar souls. I think she felt genuine loss. We had a lovely letter from her, it’s another one of her generation.”

Hannah also told that her father remained positive in his final days – and dreamed of the outdoors and plate of steak and chips.

The Queen with Captain Tom Moore
Hannah said the Queen felt ‘genuine loss’ after Captain Tom’s death

Captain Sir Tom Moore
Capt Tom raised nearly £33 million for the NHS

He’d even vowed to resume fundraising efforts and work with the Captain Tom Foundation, established earlier this year.

“We chatted, and we had some really lovely conversations,” Hannah revealed, “and this was before the final day, and I can honestly say the thing that he was so proud of, it oozed out of him, he said ‘I’m coming back out, there’s more fundraising in me. I’m coming back out to walk.'”

She added: “He was so proud of the foundation, he hadn’t articulated so much before but he really felt pride in that lasting legacy.”

Captain Sir Tom Moore
Captain Tom remained positive in his final days

Tributes have poured in since Capt Tom’s death, from celebrities to members of the public.

There are even calls for a Captain Sir Tom Moore Day to honour the late hero, an idea Carol Vorderman is behind.

Meanwhile, others have called for a statue of the man to be erected in London.

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