Ellie and Izzi Warner top Gogglebox rich list as they can make £600k a year

The Gogglebox stars who could earn the most outside the show are sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner.

The duo could be making an eye-watering £1,137.64 per post on Instagram, according to new research.

Combined, they could make £607,017 per year if they both posted once a day, which is more than four times the amount an average company director earns.

Even if they posted just once a week, the sisters could still bring in an impressive £96,000 a year between them.

The research, conducted by upUgo, analysed Instagram follower count, value per post, and post frequency to calculate an estimated Instagram income for each Gogglebox star.

Dave and Shirley have the highest engagement rate of the show’s stars at 11%.

But as they’ve posted just 20 times, they can currently only make £37 per post.

*Gogglebox returns to Channel 4 on February 26 at 9pm

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