Falcon & The Winter Soldier Story Prominently Features Race

With Spellman’s comments in mind, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will likely focus on substantive issues surrounding race and identity as Sam struggles with taking on the responsibilities that come with being Captain America. The series will also reportedly include Isaiah Bradley, who is known for being the first Black Captain America in the comics. This could set Sam down a path of unearthing the secret history of Black men in the U.S. government’s super-soldiers program.

The MCU has a history of not shying away from diversity and inclusivity with Black Panther, which featured a Black superhero, predominantly Black cast, and Black director. Spellman made a lofty comparison choosing to liken his series to Black Panther, which will only serve to amp up anticipation. Only one month remains until viewers can see if The Falcon & The Winter Soldier will deliver.

Source: TVLine

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