Power Rangers Dino Fury New Opening Theme Song & Intro Revealed

The new theme song and intro for Power Rangers: Dino Fury has been revealed. Based on the Japanese TV show Super Sentai, Power Rangers first debuted in 1993. Over the course of 28 years, the enduring children’s series has seen various iterations of the titular Power Rangers squad battle villains to defend the Earth. The team’s “mighty morphin'” abilities allow them to take on exciting and imaginative forms, which have varied considerably over the years.

Power Rangers: Dino Fury was announced in May 2020. The series will depict a face-off between an alien foe seeking prehistoric power and a new team of Power Rangers. Hasbro also previously teased the return of the Dinozords, which were last seen in 2015’s Dino Charge. The cast is set to feature Russell Curry as Zayto the Red Ranger, Hunter Deno as Amelia the Pink Ranger, Kai Moya as Blue Ranger Ollie, Tessa Rao plays Green Ranger Izzy, and Chance Perez as the Black Ranger Javi.

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Power Rangers Kids recently released the intro for Power Rangers: Dino Fury, debuting the new theme song and showing the first footage of the new cast in action. While Hasbro’s synopsis of the season promised that the Power Rangers will harness the “prehistoric power of the dinosaurs,” there also seems to be some medieval flair going on in Dino Fury, as Zayto is shown wearing a knight’s armor and riding a dinosaur like a noble steed. Check it out below:

Interestingly, only the Red, Blue, and Pink Rangers are introduced in the new intro. Presumably, the additional two rangers will be introduced in later episodes, as cast photos show the entire team together. Of course, it’s possible COVID restrictions got in the way of Power Rangers filming as it did so many other series, but the existence of the cast photos suggest the absence will be explained in the story.

In such a long-running series, it isn’t easy to keep new seasons fresh and enjoyable. However, Power Rangers seems to have perfected the ability of maintaining what fans love most about the Power Rangers and giving it a fresh spin using elements from its long history and themes that keep kids interested and entertained. In this case, dinosaurs are a safe bet, but seeing a knight ride into battle on a dinosaur definitely takes a kid’s idea of adventure to the next level. Power Rangers Dino Fury is sure to be another successful entry into the franchise.

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Power Rangers Dino Fury premieres Saturday, Feb. 20 on Nickelodeon.

Source: Power Rangers Kids

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