Piers Morgan startled as Charlotte Hawkins twerks to GMB theme tune

Charlotte Hawkins left her Good Morning Britain co-stars stunned today as she twerked to the Good Morning Britain theme tune.

Introducing the ITV show today, Piers Morgan was less than impressed over Tik Tok videos of dancing to the theme.

“I don’t think any video has excited the team more,” Piers said with a scowl. “Or made something in me slightly die.”

“We got very excited by that,” Susanna said.

Charlotte exclaimed: “We’re going to do this! We’re going to recreate this!”

Charlotte Hawkins' twerking startled Piers Morgan on GMB today
Charlotte Hawkins’ twerking startled Piers Morgan on GMB today

And as the theme began playing, Piers gasped “oh my god” as Charlotte leapt into shot and began to dance.

“The things that people will do to try and get a bit more airtime,” Piers said. “It’s baffling why Brendan Cole got kicked off Strictly after that.”



But Charlotte was ready for a round two, which also included additional twerking.

Piers appeared much more excited and said: “Oh yes!”

Charlotte added: “And a twerk at the end!”

“Work it baby, work it baby,” Piers called out.

*Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV

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