Piers Morgan slams I’m A Celebrity viewers who complained over Jordan North clip

Piers Morgan blasted the small amount of TV viewers, who took to Ofcom to complain about I’m A Celebrity this week.

A clip of Jordan North throwing up on the show was apparently complained about over 70 times.

Jordan faced his fears in the episode, as the Radio 1 DJ tackled heights by climbing down a cliff.

But before he did, he was overcome with fright and ended up throwing up, with the moment shown on camera and played in the episode.

It was pretty gross, with many joking it was worse than one of the Bushtucker Trials.

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan was baffled to learn I’m A Celebrity viewers had gone to Ofcom

But not everyone sympathised, or saw the funny side.

Some viewers complained about the scenes from the launch episode, to Ofcom.

Good Morning Britain host Piers was baffled by this and called out the particular viewers.

Jordan North was shown throwing up on I’m a Celebrity

Questioning why they would complain about someone throwing up, he imitated the situation.

He said: “Why would anyone complain to Ofcom about someone puking? Who does that?

“Who says, ‘I know what I’m going to do, I am gonna make a formal complaint to the television regulator that somebody vomited on television’.”

Piers mocked those who had complained

I’m A Celebrity 2020

He added: “Somebody vomiting? Outrage, outrage!

“Who are these people? Who are you people who spend all your time complaining to Ofcom?”

Jordan did get past the sickness and completed the challenge, only to face another fear, snakes, in episode two.

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