Piers Morgan mocks ‘selfish’ Rita Ora’s Covid merchandise after party apology

Piers Morgan has taken a swipe at Rita Ora after she apologised and reportedly offered to pay £10,000 for breaking lockdown rules and hosting a birthday party with 30 friends on Saturday.

Good Morning Britain host Piers and his co host Susanna Reid took aim at the celebrities who are brazenly defying lockdown guidance – and pointed out Rita had been selling merchandise with a “stop the spread” slogan, encouraging people to stay inside.

Rita and her mum Vera Sahatçiu, who returned to the NHS frontline during the pandemic, had taken part in interviews commending the health service for its hard work.

“This is the same Rita Ora, and then she invites 30 of her mates for a lockdown breaking 30th birthday party.

“How does that stop the spread, Rita? What does your mum think of this, after all you said about the NHS?

“You put those pictures out of yourself, you didn’t put up the pictures of your friends leaving out the back.”

He added: “It’s exhausting, these people, they are so selfish.”

Later, he continued: “‘I’m deeply sorry’, what about? You’re not deeply sorry – you’re deeply sorry you got caught!

“That’s what you’re ‘deeply sorry’ about. If you hadn’t been caught would you be issuing a statement saying, ‘I’ve just woken up and realised what I did was terribly wrong and I’m deeply sorry’?

“She’s a very rich pop star and she deliberately planned a 30th birthday party – I don’t know what the restaurant was thinking, so how are you able to do that? And why were you doing that?”

Susanna added: “Also, even when lockdown comes to an end it’s still against the rules to have 30 people come together.”

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