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The second season of Perry Mason is looking at a production date sometime in the winter. The HBO drama’s first season last aired almost a year ago, back in August 2020. Since then, the show has undergone many changes both in front of and behind the camera, most notably the exit of Tatiana Maslany as Sister Alice McKeegan. Perry Mason centers around the famous private investigator, played by Matthew Rhys, in 1931 Los Angeles during the Great Depression before becoming the famed criminal defense lawyer in the classic 1957 series.

In an interview with Deadline, Rhys gave a time frame for the shooting of the second season for the show, predicting that the show will start to film around the winter season. The series was renewed during the airing of the first season and will bring back Rhys, John Lithgow, Juliet Rylance, Shea Whigham, and Chris Chalk for the upcoming season, as well as Justin Kirk and Eric Lange as series regulars after both were recurring in season one. Rhys’ statement regarding the second season can be seen below:

That’s an ever-moving set of goalposts. It’s been moving steadily like an iceberg for some time. And I think we’re just basically looking at winter now.

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It will be interesting to see what the second season of the series will holdm given that the show has new showunners, and the finale of the first season left a lot of potential future storylines to come. Despite the long wait for the second season of Perry Mason, there is still the interest of the origin story of the title character before he becomes the iconic lawyer in the black-and-white courtroom.

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