Pensioner and Egyptian toyboy husband went to KFC for wedding reception

This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield interviewed newlyweds Iris Jones, 81, and Mohamed Ahmed, 36, on Thursday’s show.

The couple revealed they went to KFC for their wedding reception earlier in the week after tying the knot.

They are currently located in Sharm El-Sheikh, but Iris made a plea to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to let them back into the country.

Iris, who admits her family are not speaking to her because they do not approve, is older than her husband’s parents.

Iris and Mohamed celebrated their wedding with KFC

Discussing their special day, Iris said: “It was just an exchanging of documents, we had to sign several documents with a signature and a thumbprint.

“After that the documents were handed over to us to say that we were married, but it’s all in Arabic, I don’t know what it says at all.

“It might say that I am completely under his thumb, well if that’s the case then I’m not.”

Iris’ family are not speaking to her as they disapprove of the 46-year age gap

Holly asked: “What about afterwards, how did you celebrate did you have a reception anywhere?”

“No we went to KFC for chicken and French fries and Coca-Cola,” replied Iris.

“If I eat [Egypt’s] spicy foods I am on the toilet all the time,” she explained.

Iris and Mohamed made headlines in January when they revealed they used a whole bottle of lube in one session

Iris made a plea to the PM to give Mohamed a visa to work in the UK because he is a qualified engineer.

“We desperately need to get Mohamed to the UK, so if Boris Johnson is listening, do your best and get the whip out and get Mohamed a visa for the UK,” she said.

“He would be an asset to the country, he’s a qualified engineer and he would be good for the economy, he would work, I would make sure of that.”

Iris and Mohamed first made headlines when they discussed their sex life on the show in January, as Iris confessed they used a “whole tube of KY jelly”.

Asked about her family’s reaction the wedding, Iris said: “I am getting the silent treatment at the moment, I haven’t heard anything from them.”

But, she added: “We love each other, that’s all that matters.”

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