Confessions of a claymation artist: An interview with Lee Hardcastle

‘I make claymations that are NOT for children.’ The Leeds born-and-bred filmmaker Lee Hardcastle doesn’t lie. In 2011, the Northern Film School alumnus took to YouTube to showcase his dark, twisted creations; equipped only with a cheap laptop, a digital camera, some malleable clay and ambition by the bloodied bucket load. A few years later, his presence … Read more

CPH:DOX – In-Between Days (2012)

In-Between Days was the unexpected gem of this year’s CPH:DOX. The debut feature(ish) length documentary from Indian based filmmaker Sankha, it portrays a clandestine subculture on the streets of Kolkata – the transgendered community and their illegal sex trafficking. At least, that’s what In-Between Days looks like from a distance. Beneath that taboo is a universally affecting tale … Read more


I expected the insipidly titled The Sessions to be one of two movies. Firstly, it could have been an indie darling. Dished up to the swooshing Sundance Film Festival and the annual Little Miss Sunshine-worshipping crowd as a brave (meaning that the two leads are unsympathetically filmed in their fleshy birthday suits),  and treacly (meaning, well, treacly) look at … Read more