‘Medical experts agree that the benefits of the Covid jab outweigh the risks’

When we learned that a vaccine had been developed in under a year to fight Covid-19, I was very sceptical.

My main concern was how could we possibly produce a vaccine which normally takes 10 years in less than a year?

How could we trust it when there hadn’t been enough time to really understand the side effects?

But the answer to these genuine worries – which are shared by many others – is down to science, technology and government will.

However, this has not silenced the anti-vaxxers.

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For instance, I’m on HRT. I decided to take it because my quality of life was being impaired due to hot flushes, loss of libido and mood swings.

I had to take on board the possible side effects which include breast cancer, blood clots, vaginal bleeding and indigestion.

To help prevent any side effects, the guidance is to ensure you lead a healthy lifestyle, which includes watching one’s weight, and alcohol and tobacco intake.

I’ve been on HRT for three years and I feel so much better.

If you’ve been frightened by the association of blood clots with the AZ jab, bear in mind that of the 54 million doses administered across Europe and the UK to date, fewer than 300 cases have been detected.

By having the vaccine, you are saving yourself from a highly infectious, potentially fatal virus.

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